Friday, 22 March 2013


Protein Folding Problem of Scientific Community in a Computer Game

Change in shape of the proteins attribute to biochemical explanation of biological functions. May it be understanding different pathways (series of biochemical reactions) or may be understanding the nature of virus attack, the way the proteins change shape play critical role. Therefore, understanding of protein structure is important for biologists. But, at the same time, it is an extremely complicated task. Further, to simulate the change in the shape of proteins in a dynamically changing environment is a much more difficult task. Today, researchers across the world are trying to achieve perfection in understanding behavior of shapes of proteins (commonly referred as 'Protein Folding Problem').

On the web, there is a protein folding game called Foldit with real protein sequences in three dimensions. Foldit was developed by a large group of researchers who are interested in protein folding. Interestingly, at times humans have done better in folding proteins than computers. This is an innovative move in the area of computer games. The real problems of science would be attempted by zealous community interested in computer games.  

Further details on 'The Science Behind Foldit' can be accessed at:-

Foldit can be downloaded from the following website:-

Frequently Asked Question on Foldit website are given in the following web page:-


List of the players of Foldit with profiles are listed in the web page:-

In the above link (listing profile of the players), it can be observed that passionate minds are coming from cross-functional background to play Foldit. Probably, this is a dream come true for intellectual community. Success of the promising game (Foldit) may encourage the portal management to innovate with other possibilities to attract more and more passionate people from all walks of life. In the present form, the portal may help in promoting researchers in remote and underdeveloped areas to network and contribute at international level. Let us wish all the very best to Foldit.

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