Monday, 20 January 2014

Questions your Educational Letter of Intent Must Answer

During the application process most of the schools/academic institutions insist applicants  to submit Educational Letter of Intent (E-LOI). Wide range of programs are offered by numerous academic institutions across the world. And students with diverse background apply for admission to these programs. Therefore, it is very difficult to suggest generic points one should consider while writing E-LOI. 

In my opinion, following points should be addressed in clear and concise way in any E-LOI written by an applicant:-

1) What value addition your profile is going to bring to the class?

2) What are your endeavors? What factors have contributed towards shaping your endeavors? What difference are you going to make by achieving your endeavors? and How committed are you towards achieving your endeavors? 

3) What role the course/program/further studies is going to play for you to enable achieve your endeavors?

4) What are the key challenges on the way to achievement of excellence in your field of studies and how you feel you can overcome those challenges in highly competitive environment?

5) How your efforts have so far contributed towards making society a much better place and how you propose to shape your future to serve society at large?

- Santosh Behar

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