Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Sex Ratio and Gender Parity in Chhattisgarh

Data on Sex Ratio and Gender Parity has been summarized in the following tables (TABLE - 1 to TABLE - 5). Important observations are listed as under:-

1.     National Sex Ratio has improved from 933 in 2001 to 940 in 2011. (TABLE 1)

2.     Sex Ratio in the state of Chhattisgarh has improved from 989 (in 2001) to 991 (in 2011). This can be expressed in terms of percentage change as +0.20%. (TABLE 2)

3.     However, Child Sex Ratio has dipped to 964 in 2011 in comparison to 975 in 2001. This is expressed in percentage change as -1.13%. (TABLE 3)

4.     District Wise data for Chhattisgarh suggests that in general the Child Sex Ratio is relatively lower for more developed districts. (TABLE 4)

5.     State Wise Gender Parity Index suggests that in Chhattisgarh GPI in Higher Education is higher for SC and ST students than those not falling in SC/ST Categories. (TABLE 5)

TABLE -1: National Sex Ratio in terms of Females per thousand Males

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TABLE -2: Comparative State Wise Sex Ratio in India (Census 2001 - Census 2011) ordered by Total 2011

Source -

TABLE -3: Comparative State Wise Child Sex Ratio in India (Census 2001 - Census 2011) - Ordered by Change

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TABLE -4: District Wise Child Population and Sex Ratio in Chhattisgarh, India (ordered by Girls per 1000 boys)

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TABLE -5: State Wise Gender Parity Index (India) ordered by All Categories

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